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🎥 Video Tutorials

Are you more of a visual learner? Check out these video tutorials below where I show how Meerschaum can make your life as a data analyst easier! From the basics to technical lessons, I walk you through ways to harness the power of Meerschaum in your own projects.

Meerschaum in 100 Seconds

Short on time? Dive right in with this Fireship-style quickstart tutorial!

Learning Meerschaum

Episode 4: A Closer Look at Data Plugins

Last week, we took our first steps with plugins and built a minimalist pipeline, but today, we're going all in on learning what's really possible with the power of data plugins!

Episode 3: Intro to Fetch Plugins

In today's episode, we're stepping up to the challenge and building our data stream with a SINGLE LINE of code — thanks to the power of Pandas and Meerschaum plugins!

Episode 2: Intro to Instances

In this thrilling installment of Learning Meerschaum, we take a look at managing your team's data in multiple instances. Whether you're connecting directly to databases or serving your data over the Internet, Meerschaum gives you the power to scale up your projects!

Episode 1: The Basics

In this episode of Learning Meerschaum, I show how you can build your SQL ETL pipelines using Meerschaum, an open source ETL / ELT framework, and how you can quickly visualize your data with Grafana, a web-based BI tool.