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🖥️ Meerschaum Web Console

You can use Meerschaum from its web interface. From within a mrsm shell, type to commands below to see how:

  1. Start the Web API server.

    start api
    Change the port number

    To change the port of the API server, add the flag --port or -p:

    start api --port 8001
  2. Visit port 8000 in a web browser (e.g. http://localhost:8000) and create an account or login to your instance.

    Register from the command-line

    You can create users on your instance with the register user command.

    register user myuser

  3. On the left side of the dashboard are the available commands, like in the mrsm shell.

    Adding custom commands

    You can add your own actions with Meerschaum plugins.

    Also like the mrsm shell, the web console lets you control pipes from several instances (note the instances drop-down on the top right).


That's all for now! Meerschaum has many other quality of life features, like integrating with data science tools, running background jobs, adding custom plugins, and a whole lot more. Continue on to the reference wiki if you'd like to keep reading. Thanks for trying out Meerschaum!