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🌠 To-Do / Wish List

Below are some ongoing tasks I have planned for Meerschaum. This is not an exhaustive list, and if you would like to contribute a feature idea or point out a bug, please start a discussion or open an issue on the GitHub repository.

📝 General

  • Documentation
    • Tutorials
    • FAQs
    • How-To's
    • Reference concepts
  • Videos
    • Tutorial series
    • Usage and demonstration
  • Tests
    • More coverage
    • Syncing
  • Add more databases to supported flavors
    • Relational databases
      • CockroachDB
      • MSSQL
    • NoSQL databases
      • InfluxDB

🐞 Bugs

  • Add locks to connectors to avoid concurrency issues.
  • Disable prompt_toolkit newlines in shell prompt.
  • parameters column in the pipes table is a string, not JSON.
  • instance command does not work after reloading when closing a config file
  • Inconsistent web console colors (e.g. show connectors vs show config)
  • --name flag is broken when spawning jobs
  • Reload plugins when installing updates.
  • When upgrading plugins, only install plugin if updates are available.
  • Remove Literal import from typing for compatibility with Python 3.7.
  • default values are populated from the active instance.
  • Microsoft SQL autocommit breaks fetching values from sqlalchemy

✨ Features

  • Syncing

    • Timeouts
      Allow for --timeout-seconds to kill long-running syncing processes.
    • Parents
      Build a dependency graph and sync pipes' ancestors first.
    • New syncing algorithm
      I have been brainstorming a better way to detect differences between source and cache when syncing, so a future release of Meerschaum will be able to detect changes in past data.
    • Local Pipe HD5 caching
      When requesting data via pipe.get_data(), cache data locally and sync any changes. I am investigating using duckdb as a local cache database.
    • Rewrite API data to paginate downstream
      When syncing upstream, Meerschaum defaults to sending POST requests for chunks. The chunking logic is mostly there, so I need to implement the same process in reverse.
  • Web Interface

    • Login html page
      Request an OAuth2 token via a pretty web page.
    • Meerschaum JS
      Interact with a Meerschaum API via web requests in Javascript.
    • Meerschaum web dashboard
      Interact with a Meerschaum API via a web interface.
  • Diagnostics

    • Logging system
      Emit log messages to a more universal bus, similar to Splunk / Logstash.
    • Diagnostic Grafana dashboards
      Ship pre-configured diagnostic dashboards.
    • Monitoring daemon
      Handle logging and other child processes with a persistent Meerschaum daemon.
  • Job management

    • Run in the background with -d / --daemon flag
    • Save and restart jobs
      Like with pm2, add the ability to save the current state of running jobs to be started on system startup.
    • Show jobs
      The actionshow jobs will display running and stopped jobs.
    • Show logs
      Display jobs' logs with show logs.
    • Start job
      The action start job can spawn a new job (like with -d) or restart a stopped job.
    • Stop job
      Cancel running jobs.
    • Delete jobs Remove jobs with delete jobs.
    • Bootstrap job
      Guide the user through defining and running jobs.
  • Plugins

    • Reuse packages across virtual environments
      In an attempt to save space, if a package is already installed in another virtual environment and satisfies the requirements for a plugin, attempt to use that version instead of installing a new version.

    • API Plugins
      Add the decorator @api_plugin to defer API plugin initialization (lazy loading).

  • Other System Features

    • Daemonize any process
      Allow any Meerschaum action to run in the background.
    • GUI terminal
      Add a pywebview and term.js terminal for desktop usage.
    • Clear pipe intervals
      Add clear pipes to delete rows of a pipe within an interval.

🔨 Refactoring

  • Consolidate SQL-specific functions to one package to make adding flavors easier.
  • Add typing hinting to the Python package API.
  • Migrate to
  • Migrate Plugin and Pipe to core.
  • Rewrite docstrings from reST- to numpy-style.
  • Fix pydoc formatting.