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Out-of-the-box ETL, easy to learn, and a pleasure to use!

What is Meerschaum?

Meerschaum is a platform for quickly creating and managing time-series data streams called pipes. With Meerschaum, you can have a data visualization stack running in minutes.

Why Meerschaum?

If you've worked with time-series data, you know the headaches that come with ETL. Meerschaum is a system that makes consolidating and syncing data easy.

Meerschaum instead gives you better tools to define and sync your data streams. And don't worry — you can always incorporate Meerschaum into your existing scripts.

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Support the Project

I work on Meerschaum in my free time, so if you enjoy the project and want to support its development, feel free to buy me a coffee! You can also support the project on my GitHub Sponsors page.

Consulting Services

If you're looking to recruit my skills, you can hire my consulting services. Reach out on LinkedIn to get in touch, or you can commission my help at my GitHub Sponsors page.