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📜 List of Meerschaum Plugins

This page contains a list of plugins available on the public Meerschaum repository. To install a plugin, run the command mrsm install plugin <name>.

In case you would like to showcase your plugin or ask questions, please share in the GitHub discussion thread!

If you have written a Meerschaum plugin and would like it published to the public repository, run the following commands (replacing values in angle brackets):

### Register an account at instance `api:mrsm`.
mrsm register user <myusername> -i api:mrsm

### Register your plugin to repository `api:mrsm`.
mrsm register plugin <myplugin> -r api:mrsm

Data Plugins

Data plugins are used to incorporate third party data sources into Meerschaum. To use a data plugin, bootstrap a new pipe and choose the plugin as its connector.


The apex plugin connects to Apex Clearing's API so you may extract your transaction history. For example, this plugin may be used to extract transactions from M1 Finance.

GitHub | Source


The covid plugin fetches county-level COVID-19 data from various state health departments as well as the New York Times. It depends on other plugins: US-covid, TX-covid, GA-covid, CA-covid, and CO-covid.

GitHub | Source


The noaa plugin reads weather station data from the NOAA Weather API.

GitHub | Source


The sense plugin fetches environment readings from the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT.

GitHub | Source

Action Plugins

Action plugins add new commands to the Meerschaum system.


The color plugin provides a shortcut to inverting the ANSI and Unicode configuration settings.



The plugin syncx contains implementations of the experimental syncing methods I describe in my master's thesis (abstract).

GitHub | Source


The thanks plugin generates the acknowledgments page from PyPI metadata for optional Meerschaum dependencies.


API Plugins

API plugins extend the web API's fastapi app.


The sso plugin is written to demonstrate how to integrate a Google sign-in and add additional endpoints. This plugin is also used as part of the back-end for this wedding website.

GitHub | Source